Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm a cutter, I write love on my arms with razorblades

Why is it that all these stupid girls who have perfect lives pretend to empathize with those of us who get mired in depression? I see so many of my ex-classmates, girls who were cheerleaders, pretty and popular, posting about how they are "writing love on their arms". I'd be more inclined to believe they were sincere if they didn't pick on me and my friends in high school for being so "dark" and "geeky". Write love on your arms? Write "hypocrite".

Friday, September 10, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bionic Commando as a Metaphor for God

I saw this boy playing a game in the Union Building on campus. He called it "Bionic Commando XBox" and it involved a man swinging around a city like spiderman. It made me think of how God always swings around the city of our lives. The city being the world and our lives being infinity. The Goddess of ancient people was also known to swing around a giant hammer called "Fate" -- I learned this in my Cultures of the Ancient World class. The FATE HAMMER could tame the forces of CHAOS. I guess in this video game, the Bionic man is swinging around, taming CHAOS. Well, it seemed really deep to me at the time.

I always think before I speak.

But I might not think before I leap. That's the nature of faith. And Faith. My name is Faith. I'd like to invite you into my universe to share a cup of coffee with me, a poem, and maybe a good time or two. We can talk about life, the universe, and SHOPPING! Please become a FAITH FOLLOWER! Lol! Click over on the right to follow my blog! We can all have a great time together!